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Serve University (known as, SERVE-U) is a professional development institute for nonprofit leaders who want to learn how to serve their communities more abundantly. Our student population is diverse from “new to nonprofits” to the experienced executive director. SERVE-U is a membership-based nonprofit training program. We offer self-paced and live courses through distant learning and classroom-style settings. Our institute of learning promotes academic advancement for nonprofit organizations, it's leaders, and volunteers.

SERVE-U Students

a digital campus of previously recorded and live trainings with ready-to-use templates and tutorials

SERVE-U students will have full-access to a digital library of curriculum and priority registering for upcoming courses. As a SERVE-U student, your nonprofit will learn how to garner the attention of your philanthropic community, scale the number of people served, and enhance your services to make lasting impact for years to come! With 24/7 access, students have the ability to retake courses if they feel they need to. SERVE-U students will have the opportunity to plan and implement lessons, while seeing immediate results in their programs. SERVE-U uniquely positions nonprofit leaders to provide the very best for its most deserving neighbors.

SERVE-U Student Admissions

SERVE-U students are 100% GUARANTEED that when nonprofit leaders take courses on our campus that they are equipped with skills they can implement now to SERVE their communities more abundantly! 

  • Assess your nonprofit training needs based on the results  of your Student Success Questionnaire. To speak with SERVE-U Admissions, please schedule your appointment

  • Gain clarity from your nonprofit's mission and share helpful tools to enhance your skills to serve more people in your community

  • Identify your nonprofit challenges and allow our SERVE-U Admissions Officers help you get your questions answered

  • Discover training solutions and best practices for your nonprofit leading to extraordinary success in your first classes with SERVE-U

  • Determine the best enrollment option for each nonprofit leader and provide a supportive learning environment in our online community and matching students with accountability partners in their same service industry

SERVE-U Course Offerings and Topics

Our courses are perfect for the new-to-nonprofit to the experienced nonprofit professional

  • Nonprofit Navigator

    These courses perfect for emerging nonprofit leaders who want to file for tax-exempt status, newly formed 510c3, and organizations with less than $50K in annual revenue and/or operating less than 7 years.

  • Grant Gladiator

    Grant Gladiators are nonprofit leaders wanting to “get grant ready” and stay grant compliant, and learn others ways on how to create a diverse fundraising portfolio. This course track is designed to teach nonprofit leaders how to write their first grant or fine-tune their writing skills for winning proposals.

  • Board of Director Training & Strategic Planning

    Board of directors represent the governing body of the organization, and its leaders need training to further support the mission of the nonprofit. By the end of these courses, nonprofits will develop a strategic plan with SMART goals. This course track is designed to collectively train members for long-term planning and implement successful strategies for their nonprofit.

  • Fundraising & Communications

    Communicating a consistent message to the raises awareness and funding for your nonprofit. As a results of this course track, SERVE-U student will learn the formula to raising your first $25,000 and leveraging social media as a means to spread your message.

  • Grant Consultants

    Are you a grant professional ready to start a consulting business? We have a course that's perfect for you! These introductory courses help nonprofit leaders start a consulting business. Courses include - how to create a business plan, filing for a business license, how to file for a business license, pricing, and client relations.

  • Government & Institutions of Higher Education

    Federal grant writing requires a keen skill to develop robust narratives, investigative research, and buget justistifications worthy of multiple years of funding. In this course series, students will receive training on grants related to 2 CFR Part 200, focusing on budget guidance and regulations for federal grants and agreements.

Full-Time Student

You are ready to SERVE! Enroll in courses, self-pace through the video tutorials, and download the ready-to-use templates to help you learn how to serve in your communities more abundantly!

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Tuition-Free Courses

We have courses for nonprofit leaders that's just getting started with the idea of giving back and learning about the tax-exempt status. If you're just getting started, try taking a few classes, then decided if you want to become a Full-time student on our distant-learning campus.

SERVE-U Tuition includes

Here's a list of SERVE-U student benefits:

  • Immediate access to digital library and early registration for upcoming courses

  • 24/7 access to video tutorials and ready-to-use templates

  • Monthly list of Grant Opportunities

  • Special Invitation to Grant Peer Review Parties

  • Monthly Live Courses and Q&A Sessions

  • Interactive Student Membership Community

  • Monthly Contests & Giveaways

  • Subscription to eNewsletter

  • First-in-Line Freebies

Your Professor

Dr. Brandi Rae Hicks

Dr. Brandi Rae Hicks

Founder & Professor

Dr. Brandi Rae Hicks is a nonprofit navigator with more than 20 years of professional nonprofit experience. Dr. Brandi is the Founder & Professor at Serve University (known as, SERVE-U) a virtual campus providing education and training to nonprofit leaders, communitarians, and people who want to learn how to serve their communities more abundantly. Her institute of learning promotes academic advancement for nonprofit organizations, it's leaders, and volunteers. Dr. Brandi is a Grant Writer and Nonprofit Consultant for public charities, government entities, private foundations, school districts, and philanthropists. Her nonprofit consulting firm has secured and managed over $1 Billion in major gifts, grants, and community assets. She has spearheaded projects for United Way of Greater Atlanta, City of Atlanta Parks and Recreation, and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Brandi Rae was the Federal Grant Writer & Manager for Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice and Atlanta Technical College, and has managed private family foundations initiatives for professional athletes, celebrities and entertainers. Her grant writing firm’s secured the $11.5M Department of Education grant for Morehouse College. Dr. Brandi received her doctorate in Education with research in nonprofit organizational resilience. She has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from University of Cincinnati and received both her Master Business Administration in Marketing and Master Public Administration in Nonprofit Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Dr. Brandi is the author of “10 Things You Need to Complete Your College Application” and the Executive Director of College Clinic helping students and their families transition into college and beyond. To connect with Dr. Brandi directly, please visit her website at www.BrandiRaeHicks.com or info@BrandiRaeHicks.com.

SERVE-U Student Testimonials

Success stories from the community

“I am now working in my full-time passion and I'm so excited! My nonprofit was awarded a 6-figure state contract within 6 months of working with SERVE-U! One of the first people we called to celebrate with was SERVE-U!”

Ebony H. Executive Director (Youth Empowerment Success Stories/Y.E.S.S.)Ebony H. Executive Director (Youth Empowerment Success Stories/Y.E.S.S.)

“We connected with SERVE-U on social media 12 days before our grant was due. Guess what? We got the grant! 411 Brand is now an after school vendor provider with 5 program sites and more to come! Thanks SERVE-U!”

John T. Executive Director (The 411 Brand)John T. Executive Director (The 411 Brand)

“Our organization attended 5 SERVE-U live and virtual courses. The Board of Directors training was helpful in providing clarity on how to lead us to serve more. We've added another location and we've won our first of many grants!”

Teewa A. (Edufusion Institute)Teewa A. (Edufusion Institute)

“We are expanding our services to our 3rd location! Our first fundraiser raised more than $15,000. As a result of our Board Member Training from SERVE-U, we are empowered to raise even more next year!”

Nattlie Ringer, CEO (Ringer Employment Solutions)Nattlie Ringer, CEO (Ringer Employment Solutions)

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  • 30-Day Tuition Free Trial

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    Tour our digital campus and see our course schedules. Attend some of our tuition-free courses for the month. We'd love to see you on our campus!

  • Live Question & Answer Sessions

    $297 value

    Ask Professor Brandi any nonprofit question! Come prepared with your questions to maximize our time together. Appointments available on a first-come-first-served basis. Must redeem within 60 days of membership.

  • Tuition-Free Courses

    $997 value

    We have courses for nonprofit leaders that's just getting started with the idea of giving back and learning about the tax-exempt status. If you're just getting started, try taking a few classes, then decided if you want to become a Full-time student on our distant-learning campus.

SERVE-U Tuition

  • $27.00 / month

    Monthly Tuition Fee ($324 a year. Students can save $125 by choosing the one-time fee)

  • $199.00

    Full-Time Student


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about SERVE-U?

  • I think I need a grant writer. Where do you recommend I find someone who can write our nonprofit a grant?

    One of the most commonly associated word with "nonprofit" is...grants. Professional grant writers charge a fee to write grants for nonprofits. The grant writer's compensation cannot be written into the grant award, because grant writers cannot guarantee the award. If you are seeking more information about how to ready your nonprofit for grants, please follow the course track called, "Grant Gladiators".

  • How long will it take for my nonprofit to get off the ground?

    Give your nonprofit about 6 months after training to see changes in to your nonprofits' activities. In about a year, you'll be able to use all of the information used in your training programs. After three years of service in the community while implementing the tools gained in one semester of SERVE-U training, your nonprofit will be unrecognizable. Be patience with the process. The community is thankful for your gift!

  • Can I hire SERVE-U to start my nonprofit?

    SERVE-U is thrilled to learn more about how we can help support your nonprofit. We also have a course called, "DIY 501c3 Application Process" that can also help you start your nonprofit. Let's set a time to discuss your needs further. Please schedule your 20-minute nonprofit coaching call.

  • Do you have a recommended course topic?

    Would you like to see more nonprofit courses in our catalog? We'd love to hear from you. Please forward your recommendations to hellostudent@ServeUniversity.org. 

  • What is your refund policy?

    It is our goal to provide you with the best services possible. All sales are final. If you are not satisfied with your product, SERVE-U will provide you with a replacement to another service of equal value within a designated timeframe.

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